Writing is very personal to me.

It is a cathartic experience when I visualise something in my mind and start typing. I lose a sense of time and surroundings because I get completely lost in the stories, so it is always an emotionally draining experience for me.

There are long stretches when I do not even touch my keyboard to write. However, I always end up coming back to it.

I am posting the latest piece I wrote – ‘Choices
Choices is a story about, you guessed it, Choices.
It is an extremely relatable story of friend circles and personal decisions that slowly accumulate and bring you to a point in life, where when you look back you realize – ‘Fuck, did I choose this?‘ .

Happy Reading!

This took me about a month to write. I am an extremely moody writer. Thank you for reading. To reach out, mail me at [email protected]